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Our Green Heroes
  A GREEN HERO is one who shares his/her ideas to help Tata Power reduce its carbon footprint and also volunteers to work in green initiatives identified under Greenolution.

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Ganeshotsav celebrations with a difference!

- 10th October 2014

An idol made of fibre!

Useful at every step!

- 10th October 2014

A shining example of eco-friendliness!

- 8th October 2014

CR Team of Tata Power SED Volunteered for a Tree Plantation Programme at Lonavla


Waste tin tanks converted into fence guards to protect saplings!


Extending the boundaries of stakeholder relationship!


Turning to solar energy for powering home


Tree Plantation


Water Conservation


Creating magic out of waste!


Care for environment by reusing old furniture


Green Heroes from Trombay, Civil Maintenance Department


Not only solar cooking, its baking cakes!


Innovative water saving system using GSM technology!


Partnering in environment conservation!


Carpool is smart pool!


Exchange waste paper with usable ones!


Efficient use of Fly Ash


Recycle & Reuse - The Green Mantra


Lighting up- the solar way!


A clean sweep!


Converting waste water into a resource!


Tree Plantation!


Rubber V/S Plastic!


Every page counts!


Cycling to green glory!


100% recycled & free delivery guaranteed!


Recycle & Reuse - the Green Mantra


Reuse & save money!


Improved soot blowing drain steam recovery system


Green decorations & celebrations


Reusing discarded documents!


Saving electricity strategically


Less tubes more light!


Every bit counts!

Daleep Singhal, DSS-GIS, Dharavi

Nobel Green

Surely green with a nobel cause!

Small steps add to bigger leap

Surely every drop counts Green Heroes!!

Paper saved = Trees saved = Environment conserved


Harnessing solar energy!!




GREEN HEROES - Bombay House, Mumbai!

Care for environment - Unlimited


SWAS recovery system in Unit 8, Trombay


Utilisation of waste grass for fugitive dust control in ash pond

GREEN HERO Mr. Sagar Shinde (EMD, Khopoli)

Reuse of paper for printing

GREEN HERO from Jojobera

Reuse of old arch files

GREEN HEROES from Mundra

Grihshuddhi - An Attitude for Clean Ashiyana

GREEN HEROES: Trombay Civil

Pilot Water Harvesting Project


Cultivation at Power House#6
Using Treated Effluent

Green Hero - Mr. N Mukilan, Jojobera

SED inspired by Mundra GREEN HEROES!
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