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Stretching the Green Carpet

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now". - Chinese Proverb

Tree plantation is one of the most consequential ways to combat escalating environmental pollution. Several factors have contributed over the years to bring about the crisis that we are facing today - thoughtless deforestation, agricultural expansion, encroachment on forestland, land development, irresponsible industrial practices, the list is endless. The environment is a global concern, and in order to ensure a healthy ecological balance the priority is to make the world green and clean. The responsibility does not end with planting a sapling; you need to nurture it to maturity by undertaking proper measures.

Plant a tree today, for a greener tomorrow.

Stop. Save. Renew.

The world has accepted the alarming reality of Climate Change and is adapting itself to renewable energy resources in an attempt to lessen the dependence on fossil fuels. There are three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. When we use any of these, we are actually depleting our natural reserve that has been built over millions of years. On the other hand, renewable energy technologies involving solar, wind, and hydropower has much less impact on the environment. The need is to implement clean energy technology in every sphere and conserve energy for the future.

Greenolution is empowering the Earth for the generation next.

Live Green

This is a way of life that you need to adapt to. Through small changes in your daily routine or your normal habits, you can set an example for everybody. Today, it is essential that people are alert about sustainable lifestyle that effectively helps in reducing the carbon footprint. Opting for public transport instead of private cars, using energy resources responsibly at home and at office - each decision goes a long way in contributing to the greater cause of sustainable development.

Take the right direction, make the right green choice in life.

Green Buildings

Green buildings are the answer to global warming challenges as far as construction methods are concerned. Sustainable building practices are imperative in order to curtail the negative impact of buildings on the environment. For this, several considerations are made right from the site planning to ensuring energy and water efficiency, and checking the quality of 'indoor air'. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating SystemTM sets the international standards in design and development.

Educate yourself about the environmentally-friendly technologies.

Eco-friendly Materials

The increasing focus on green living is encouraging people to switch to products that are made from natural ingredients. At the same time, it is prompting manufacturers to improve on processes and research to develop new products from environmentally sustainable materials. Non-toxic and chemical free products are not only healthier, but also more appropriate for maintaining the ecological balance. Using products made from recycled materials also help in reducing carbon emissions, as the raw materials are readily available.

What are you waiting for; let's join hands to adapt to the greener materials.

Green Fuel from Trash

Bio-fuel, or specifically the fuel generated from waste material is not only an extremely useful form of alternative energy, it is also an effective means of environment-friendly trash disposal. Food scraps, decaying vegetation and other organic matter is called biomass and happens to be a good energy resource. The common procedures that convert biomass into fuel involve burning, liquefaction or turning it into gas. Professional waste management is a growing business trend and companies have started implementing latest processes to produce valuable energy from industrial and domestic waste.

Next time you take the garbage bag out, think if you are adding to emission of harmful greenhouse gases or joining the green movement by letting the trash be managed properly.

Save Water Save Life

What apparently seems abundant may really be a fast dwindling resource. Natural climatic cycles have become erratic with global warming. As a result draught conditions are also on the rise with water shortage reaching critical levels even where it is most unexpected. We should take this as a constant reminder that conservation of water is one of the priorities in environment management. On a large scale in industrial and manufacturing operations and in the everyday life of an individual, devising means of curtailing water consumption is absolutely imperative.

Start saving water today, tomorrow may be too late.