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Green Tips
  Are you eco-smart?
Are you a green employee?

Do you save energy for the future?

At Tata Power, we truly believe that being energy responsible is the call of the moment. Just as it is important to undertake organised initiatives to support and advance the cause of environment, it is also essential to adapt to small changes in our daily routine to save every bit of energy.


Switch Off

One of the best energy saving devices at your fingertips is the switch. Keep turning off all lights, fans, computers, televisions, ACs and all other electrical appliances when not in use.

Use CFLs and BEE 5-Star Rated Appliances

Use appliances that consumes lesser energy. Use CFLs instead of regular bulbs to save energy. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has introduced a power savings guide for electrical appliances. The guide uses a 5-star rating system with 5-stars being the most energy efficient. Buy electrical appliances, which have a minimum 3-star BEE rating label.

Save Natural Resources

Save fuel by carpooling and choosing public transport. Save water by using water sensibly. Plant or adopt a tree to save nature. Use cloth bags instead of plastics as they are recyclable. Save paper by recycling old newspapers and notebooks.

Keep ACs at 260C or more

Every increase in the setting by 10C will save about 2.5% of power

Switch off from the plug point

TVs, computers, mobile chargers, music systems, AC adaptors, cordless telephones are some of the devices which should be switched off from the plug point. Unplugging devices reduces energy consumption to zero.

Lower the use of electric cooling and heating appliances

Heating and cooling like air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators and irons consume over 50% of our household energy. For e.g., use solar powered water heaters instead of electric geysers.

For detailed tips on energy conservation in day-to-day activities, refer to our 'Energy Conservation Booklet'.