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Our Green Heroes
  A GREEN HERO is one who shares his/her ideas to help Tata Power reduce its carbon footprint and also volunteers to work in green initiatives identified under Greenolution.

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GREEN HEROES Deepak Mahabale and Vinod Sankpal

GREEN HEROES from Mundra are turning waste into resource


A step towards Paperless Office!


GREEN HEROES from Transmission Lines

GREEN HEROES from Kalinganagar Car Pool!

GREEN HERO : Mr. Nitin Joshi

Turning Waste into useful gadget.

Another Techno-vation by GREEN HEROES from Mundra!

GREEN HEROES from Transmission Overhead Links, Kalyan

Green Hero Mr. Dipak Doshi, CGPL

GREEN HEROES : Mr. Ashok Singh & team, CGPL

GREEN HERO : Mr. Sukhendu Maity, Haldia

GREEN HEROES from Tata Power office, Bina!


GREEN HERO Mr. Dharmraj Singh is converting pressure gauge into a watch!

Green Heroes from Trombay

GREEN HERO Mr. A. Ramanujan

Going Green is all about smart living!

GREEN HERO : Mr. Varghese Idikulla saved 5010 A4 sheets of paper in Carnac!

GREEN HEROS Mr. Mahesh Yadav, Ms. Nushreen Ahmed & Mr. Suchit Yeragi

GREEN HEROES : Nitin Singh Thakur & team

Use of old news paper pages for gift wrapping

Energy Conservation Initiative taken up by DSS Green Heroes

Green Heroes contribute towards a sustainable future!

Green Heroes from Mundra take Renewable Energy to villages!

Green Heroes are increasing the green cover by planting trees near rail yeard at Coal Handling Plant

Mr. Amit Jain and Mr. Varinder Singh are reusing cold drink bottles to plant trees

Green Heroes from Maithon Plant Trees!

Civil Maintenance Department conducted a tree plantation programme during their Vendor meet

CMD Team with Vendors

Eco friendly habits!


CGPL Labour Colony Goes Green!

GREEN HERO : Mr. Himanshu Srivastava

Conserving Energy!


Saving Fuel and reducing their Carbon Footprint

Transport Department,
Distribution Division

Mithapur Solar Plant

Mr. Bhavik Nimavat, Mr. Jasu Gadhe, Mr. Hardas Bela, Mr. Hareshkumar Patel and Mr. D H Mahabale
- Mithapur

Saved a life!

Mr. S D Kumbhar

MindSpace DSS goes GREEN!

Mr. Uday Raorane

Providing shelter to the sparrows of Mundra!

Mr. Dipak Doshi
- Mundra

Saying "No to the Plastic !"

Mr. Vijay Kottalgi

Conserving energy at Coal Handling Plant

Amit Ameria, Jayant Sorathia, Amit Sharma and Harshal Chokshi

Team which is Saving Energy
- CGPL, Mundra


The green office

Ravichandran P
- Mumbai

Riding to save the green

Mr. Anil Kumar Phatak
- Mumbai

Towards a paperless office

Mr. Cheriyan Thomas, Mr. Rameshkumar, Mr. PR Gadave and Mr. KV Desale


A terrace garden

Mr. Abdul Salam
- Mumbai

Clean, bright and sparkling!

Mr. Nilesh Amber
- Mumbai

Green Maithon, Great Maithon!


Balcony farm

Jaya Bajpai
- Maithon

Litres of light

Pradip K Biswas
- Jojobera

Use what you want

Manish Kumar
- Maithon

A green welcome

Mr. Abhishek Ramakrishna
- Mumbai
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