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Logo Logic
  Logo Design Mnemonics

The letter 'O' enlarged in the typeface signifies our efforts towards creating a safe and sustainable haven for our planet. The grey 'O' signifies completion, and suggests a holistic approach towards nurturing our ecosystem.

The difference in the weightage of typefaces in 'Green' and 'lution' brings about ease in phonetics. Also the enlarged 'O' connects the concept of Green and Evolution. The planet in the centre acts as the central adhesive force, uniting the two concepts.

The leaf with an angular mount in the letter 'I' bears an individualistic approach towards the concept. It means that the onus is on 'I' (each one of us) to do more towards making our planet greener. The angular leaf conveys movement and dynamism of people towards saving nature.

The Colour

Green is the colour of responsibility towards the environment. It signifies correlation between human behaviour and nature. We call this green, the 'Greenolution Green'. The grey colour in the enlarged 'O' signifies unbiased and holistic approach towards safeguarding the planet.

Tag line: 'Powering a Greener World'

The tag line signifies Tata Power's intent to lead the efforts towards a greener world not just internally, also externally through education, engagement and ensuring participation.